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A Tale of Two Princes

One night, my teenage daughter and I were talking about two young singers that she had a crush on. With the combination of my being seriously sleep deprived and my wild imagination, I came up with a silly story that I told her as it came to me, piece by piece. I will never forget her laughter as the words flowed from my mouth :o). A day or two later, I told my Mom about the experience and she said, "You should write it down." So, I did. And now, all these years later, I am very glad that I took her advice. I'm sharing it with you so that maybe you can get a good laugh out of it too...


One beautiful sunny day, Princess Megan sat in her room listening to music. She had two favorite artists at the time. One was Justin Bieber and the other was Cody Simpson.

Suddenly, Megan heard a noise outside, a very loud and unfamiliar noise. She considered peeking outside to see what it was, but she was enjoying her music far too much. So instead, she just popped her earplugs back in and continued to listen.

In the meantime, however, a daring young man was trying to work up enough courage to bungee jump from a helicopter that was hovering over the roof of Princess Megan’s home. He had dropped a marker on the roof already, one in the shape of an X. He wore a jumpsuit that was identical in color to the X he had dropped on the roof.

This young man, by the name of Cody Simpson, was just about ready to jump from the helicopter. But one thing was holding him back…. He was all too aware that if he were to jump too high as he exited the helicopter his head and neck would be caught in the whirring chopper blades, and his head would then go flying off somewhere into the Middle East.

Ever so carefully, Cody made his way to the edge of the Copter and jumped. With a loud “thump” he landed perfectly where the X marked the spot. He walked to the edge of the roof where he knew that Megan’s room was beneath his feet. He held tight to the edge of the roof and somersaulted onto her patio. The blinds were drawn and the music was still playing, so Megan neither saw nor heard him. Timidly, Cody tapped on the sliding glass doors to Megan’s room. Still she did not hear him. Then he banged loudly on the doors and a startled Megan jumped from her bed to find out what was causing the racket outside.

Much to her utter surprise, there stood Cody with dozens of roses and a beseeching smile. He asked her to come out on the patio to talk with him. Megan reluctantly agreed. Cody spoke first: “Megan I have come here because I want nothing more than to be your prince and take you far away to live in my castle in Australia!!” But Megan only replied, “Cody, as much as I would love to accept your offer, I am far too young! And besides that, I just couldn’t possibly leave my dear, sweet, loving mother!!”

Cody, feeling somewhat dejected, asked if there was anything he could possibly do to persuade her to change her mind. Megan told him that if he really, truly loved her than he would have to stay in the apartment next door and take time to get to know her.

Some time went by, and Princess Megan was learning to love her Prince Cody. But then one day, something happened that changed the course of history…..

Cody and Megan were just stepping outside to take their evening stroll. A limousine pulled up into the driveway. It was purple in front and blue in the back and had pearls all over the roof of the limo. Megan was shocked by the sheer beauty of this limousine that was indeed a work of art! But much to her astonishment, she saw that a decal of her Princess face had been placed on the windshield of the car. “What on Earth?” she exclaimed. Next thing she knew, another young man came bounding out of the limo. Lo and behold, it was Prince Justin of Bieberville.

“Megan!” he shouted. “You do not belong with this unworthy fellow! You belong with me alone! Come away with me to my beautiful castle where you will truly become a Belieber when I grant your every wish!”

Cody would not hear of Prince Justin’s “Nonsense”. He quickly ran off down the street, leaving Princess Megan wondering if he was running in fear or if he was feeling defeated due to the arrival of Prince Justin. Moments later, however, he came galloping up on a large black steed, sword waving in his hand. Prince Bieber, not to be outdone, yelled out to his limo driver for assistance. The driver pushed a button, and from high up in the clouds, a white horse came gently falling, with a parachute attached around its body, until it slowly drifted to the ground. Presently Justin mounted the horse and charged at Cody with HIS sword drawn. The swords clashed and they fought a great fight. In the process of the battle, Prince Justin picked Cody’s nose with the sword and Cody cleaned out Justin’s earwax with his. Their hair that had once been longer had been chopped in the midst of the fight, so that there were uneven tufts of hair all over their heads.

Grandpa Don could hear all the chaos that had arisen outside all the way from his house. He came running down the street and hollered at the two would be suitors. “What is wrong with you two? This isn’t how you win a woman’s heart! Now get the heck out of here!!!” Cody and Justin looked at each other, both stunned at this new development. They rode off on their horses, both in opposite directions, and Princess Megan feared she would never see them again.

Two days passed and two nights. And then on the third morning, Megan was awakened by a strange sound, this time coming from the front yard. She quickly descended the stairs and sprinted to the front door. As she peered outside she saw two large dump trucks, one driven by Prince Bieber and one driven by Prince Simpson. Simultaneously they were backing the trucks up to the yard and dumping loads of money out onto the grass. Once again, Grandpa Don, hearing the strange doings outside, ran out to give the young men some much needed wisdom! “Boys”, he said, “I don’t know what the two of you are thinking! You don’t win a woman’s heart by dumping trucks full of money into her yard! No! Instead you must learn to anticipate the deepest desires of her heart and prove to her that you are the one who is worthy of her love!! Now, get the heck out of here… AGAIN!!”

Weeks went by and Megan didn’t hear a word from either one of them….

Then finally, the day came when two messengers arrived at her door with a proclamation regarding what the two Princes had accomplished since she had seen them last.

The first told of the actions that Prince Cody had taken in his attempt to show his love for the Princess. He announced that Cody had moved all of the people that lived in the State of Texas to Australia where they lived very comfortably now. When Megan asked what Cody did with all of that land, the messenger replied, “Prince Cody has built up a mighty complex for all animals without homes, where they will be cared for, fed, loved and spoiled until the day that they die! It is a beautiful, wonderful place, where animals of every kind reside! Is the Princess satisfied that Prince Cody is her true love?”

Megan could not respond to his inquiry at the moment, but turned instead to the other messenger and asked him to tell her of Prince Justin’s accomplishments. The other messenger quickly replied, “My lady, your Prince has been traveling the world in search of the perfect location to house all of the lost and homeless humanity that wander this earth. However, he could not find just ONE perfect location…. So he found a few of them. He started in Greece, and then found that Italy, Germany and Brazil were among the best places in the world for these people to reside. He understood that you were concerned about the creatures that roam the Brazilian countryside, that they might harm the people, so he had all of those relocated to Prince Cody’s facility in Texas. So, now each and every homeless individual lives in a mini-palace of their own and are taken care of by men and women who are highly paid themselves. All live very comfortably and enjoy a richness they have never known! The former residents of these nations have been transferred to Prince Justin’s former kingdom in Canada, where they now happily reside. If Prince Justin is correct, this was the deepest desire of your heart, to help all of the men, women and children who lived without for so long! So, now, my Lady, are you able to love Prince Justin with all of your heart?”

Poor Princess Megan was stunned beyond words. She looked to her mother and begged her to help her decide. Her mother only replied, “My dear little girl, that is a choice that your heart alone can make!” Megan retired to her room for a time, to contemplate the choice she had before her.

She wept with the frustration of not knowing who she should give her heart to. She began pacing back and forth in her bedroom, when suddenly she heard the familiar sound of a helicopter hovering over their roof. This time she knew that it was Prince Cody, who had come to ask for her hand in marriage. He landed with a thud on her balcony once again and boldly proclaimed, “Princess Megan, I have heard the desires of your heart and rescued all of the helpless little animals roaming around the world. Now do you consider me worthy to be called your husband?”

Megan opened her mouth to reply, but lo and behold, young Prince Justin, had launched himself from a tree and swung on a vine that landed him squarely in the spot that Prince Cody stood. As he landed, he knocked Prince Cody off his feet, who toppled over the railing and landed safe and sound on a mattress that was in the yard below. Prince Cody stood up and looked at Megan, pleading with his eyes, but with no words, asking that she accept his proposal. But Prince Justin was not to be outdone. “I know, beautiful Princess, that you have heard of my travels far and wide and all that I have done to show you how very much I love you!! Please come away with me where I will take care of you and love you for the rest of your life!!” Megan responded, “I accept your offer, Prince Justin, only promise me that I won’t have to leave my mother and brother behind. We must take them with us to live in your beautiful castle!” To this, Prince Justin was only too happy to agree.

So the decision had finally been made, and Prince Cody, who had initially hung his head in disgrace, lifted up his head proudly, donned a beanie cap with a propeller on it, and flew off into the sunset.

And so the day came when everyone was happily settled in Bieberland. Princess Megan was overjoyed when she learned that Prince Justin and Prince Cody had become the closest of friends and that he had taken as his wife, Princess Allerina, who had moved to Bieberland as well.

Prince Justin and Princess Megan had two beautiful children. The first was a baby girl and the second a baby boy. And Princess Megan couldn’t help but laugh when she realized that her little girl teased and mother-henned her little boy- just like she had done when she was a young girl!





December 29, 2012

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