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By A Thread

We have all had our ups and downs in life.  We have all had plans and hopes and dreams that didn’t quite turn out the way that we wanted them to.  We have all had moments when something or someone hurt us so deeply that we didn’t think that we were going to be able to breathe anymore.  From my experience, there are three main ways that we can deal with the hurt and the disappointments.  1.  We can wallow in the pain and suffering; 2.  We can run from and try (notice I said try) to ignore them…. Let me pause for just a moment and say that I have done both, and both are destructive, each in their own way…. or 3.  We can realize that there is a greater purpose for everything that we go through and that there is Someone who not only wants to heal the brokenness and the pain, but who sees how every little broken piece will fit into the big puzzle that makes up the whole of our lives.


As a young girl I knew so little

Living each moment without a care

I so easily took for granted

That my loved ones would always be there.

I built up in my heart and mind

Such a list of cherished dreams

But life is such a fickle beastAnd had other plans, so it seems.

The crushing blows so swiftly came

Til my poor heart was laid bare

I was certain with all my being

That I was broken beyond repair.

So many days were filled with bitter tears

My sleepless nights I spent in dread

Afraid of what was soon to come

And my faith was hanging by a thread.

Then like a lifting fog, my vision cleared,

So that I could somehow understand

That the broken weave of my tapestry

Is exactly what You had planned.

Were it not for the trials I’ve been through

If only sunshine shone bright on my face,

I would not have learned to cling tightly to You

That life is empty without Your grace.

Through the good, the bad, and the darkest days

Though I can’t see what the future will hold,

I’ll surrender my hopes; entrust them to You

Watching as Your grand design unfolds. Kristin Tucker August 7, 2015

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