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Now and Later

TUESDAY, APRIL 22, 2008 Right now I’m in turmoil. I want so badly to be able to answer the questions that my daughter has. I want so much to be able to tell her that I understand that she is sad and angry, but that I know that everything will turn out just the way that we want it to. BUT….. I can’t tell her that because for one thing, I most certainly DO NOT have all the answers! And for another thing, I know for a fact that not everything will turn out the way we want it to! I was trying to explain to her about Adam and Eve and how they disobeyed God and thus sin was brought into the world. I also told her that sin is passed on to every human being. And because of that sin, people make wrong choices- choices whose consequences hurt other people. It’s overwhelming to me to think of what God must see when He looks at all of us and sees what a mess we are making!! I also told her that we can choose to focus on all the negative things that we see, and in the process make ourselves completely miserable! OR We can choose to see the things that God has blessed us with. I know that I’ve had to do the same thing for myself. I get frustrated with Megan because all I’ve heard lately is how bad things are. But I have to stop and remind myself that I was stuck in the same rut that she is. I don’t know how God could have listened to all of my complaining! It overwhelms me to think of how much good I missed because my focus was on my circumstances and not on all the blessings God had given me. And I really don’t want Megan (or Josh) to go down that same path! I asked God to give me wisdom for my beautiful, loving, smart, hurting and confused little girl! I opened my Bible and there was my answer. At least the one that God is giving me for the time being. It doesn’t answer any of the questions that she has- or that I have for that matter. What it does is tell us what our focus should be in spite of our difficulties. Romans 8:18 says, “I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.” To me that means that the trials we face here and now are temporary. It means that God will give us the strength that we need to overcome whatever we face in this life. Our part is obedience. We must choose to do as God asks of us, even if we don’t know why. Even if it means that we have to give up things that we feel we are entitled to. In reality, we aren’t entitled to anything! God owes us nothing! We owe Him everything! He paid the ultimate price when Jesus died on the cross for us! While we were yet sinners! I could go deeper and deeper with this, but that could take milleniums! So for now, I’ll be brief (yeah right, like that’s possible for me! :o) ) God says He will help us overcome whatever it is that we face NOW. Then He promises that LATER glory will be revealed in us. I’m not sure exactly what He means by that, but I am more than excited to find out!!! There are many times that I feel God asking me to do something that my human nature does not want to do! But I know that some day I will be glad that I did! Lord, help me to live every day not for what this life has to offer, but help me to long instead for what you have planned for me for eternity. I need your wisdom to help my sweet kids grasp what is truly important! Help me to live the way I should NOW so that they know that real hope comes LATER! AMEN!! POSTED BY KRISTIN AT 9:34 PM

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