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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Tonight we had a storm roll through our area.  When I was younger, I dreaded every storm that came through.  Now it seems that my daughter is the same way.  I have since learned to not only overcome my fear of storms, but to stand in awe as I watch them.  To me, there is something fascinating about them… But it took time for me to get to the point where I am, and Megan is still fairly young.  I know that over time, her perception of these storms will change.  When 20 years have gone by and she has faced a few more of them, they will not seem as scary to her.  But for now they still cause her to feel somewhat panicky.

I’ve thought about why storms are so scary to us when we are younger.  I believe that for the most part it is because of the reality of how destructive they can be…. and because of the fear of what may happen in the aftermath of a storm.

Megan texted her dad tonight and asked him to pray that God would keep she and her brother safe during this particular storm.  I am only going by what she told me that his response was, so bear with me.  But the comment that he made was something along the lines of “Praying for peace in the midst of life’s little storms.”  To this Megan told me that she wasn’t worried so much about life’s storms because she could just bury her head in a pillow and listen to music to drown out her worries.  Of course, I tried to talk to her and tell her that her dad was right in what he was saying that he was praying for… but do they REALLY listen to us?  I have to wonder…  So I wrote this letter to Megan and her brother Joshua, that I am planning to post on the bathroom mirror as soon as I finish this post.  I wanted to share it with you….  It says….

“Megan and Josh-

I was thinking about how your dad responded to you about the storm, Megan.  I remember your reply, that you could handle the little storms of life by burying your head in your pillow and listening to music.  I can understand that approach because I have, in some form, done the same thing myself.  But I found out the hard way that this type of response does not solve or fix anything.  Although I understand that at times it seems easier to "hide”, your dad is right.  (Did I just say that? :o) )Prayer, talking to God, and asking Him for help, whether in the midst of a thunderstorm, or whether in the midst of a great or small storm of life, is truly the only thing that will make a difference.  You will face storms of many kinds throughout your lifetime…  And God is the only One who will not only get you through the storm, but who will give you peace while you go through them.  My prayer is that you will learn to trust God, no matter what storms life may bring.  I love you so much!! -Mom"

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