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String Cheese

I love all different kinds of cheese,

So pass some over if you please.

For breakfast, dinner or a snack

And if there’s more, then I’ll be back.

One kind I will not eat for sure,Is icky, stinky Limburger!

Cottage cheese helps me lose weight

Unless I eat the whole darn plate.

Cheddar always drives me wild

But I must say, I prefer the mild.

Brie goes well with wine and bread

If you eat too much then you’ll drop dead.

And when I have a “cheese attack”

I often reach for Colby Jack.

But to me none can compare

This cheese that feels as light as air

It’s so much fun to peel those strings

It makes me want to dance and sing!

A better taste there could not be,

At least, that is, if you ask me.

So, if you love me, please do not tease!

Stop running away with my beloved string cheese!

Kristin Tucker June 23, 2005

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