• Kristin Tucker

Sweet Memories

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Poem #2 from Robin’s list of ideas!!  Loving it and bawling my eyes out all at the same time.  Read on and you’ll know why…


It all happened in just a moment

Life changed forever that day

God’s goodness was so clear to me

When the fairest angel came to stay.

Soon after a wondrous gift arrived

The little bundle with the smiling eyes;

How I lived to hear little giggles

And I ached when I heard their cries!

I watched as my little ones changed…

Oh, so quickly it seemed that they grew

Joy and wonder along with a heavy heart

As I saw just how swiftly time flew.

Pride swells in the heart of this mama

You are strong-willed and loving and kind

And the sound of you making each other laugh

Will forever remain in my mind.

Now you stand on the verge of adulthood

A new journey that you each must take

With every breath I’m praying God guides you

In every decision that you will make.

Though my eyes fill with tears, I am thankful,

In my heart I ask, “God, if you please,

May you fill us with love, bind us together,

And give us many more sweet memories.”

Kristin Tucker August 5, 2015

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