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Teddy Timberton and His Terrible Tantrum

Teddy Timberton sat in his corner

Quite a mad little fellow was he

As he sat on his stool with a scowl

He was not the good boy he should be. The trouble started at school that day

When his teacher sat on a tack.

The whole class could hear Teddy laughing

As he sat at his desk in the back. When he got off the bus he was angry He picked on his sister and got in a fight.

It was certain that he’d be in trouble

When his mother came home for the night. He got grounded and cried like a baby;

Pounded his hands on the wall til they were numb.

And the neighborhood kids all heard the ruckus

Of Teddy Timberton and his terrible tantrum. Here’s the moral of this sobering story:

Never put a tack on your teacher’s chair!

For goodness sake, please don’t throw a tantrum;

Expressing anger will get you nowhere! So, be a good boy and obey mama’s rules

They’re not as harsh as you may think;

With a terrible temper like Teddy’s

You’ll be in a ship that is destined to sink!

July 5th and 6, 2005 Posted by Kristin Tucker

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