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The Tree

We have all gone through times in our lives when it seems like we are carrying so many burdens that we can't take one more thing going wrong. What I have learned is that during those most difficult times is when I feel the presence of God in such a real way. It's funny how when things are going well for us, it is so easy to forget how dependent we need to be on Him. I have also learned that no matter how hard life is and no matter how many storms are brewing around me, God is always faithful and merciful to me. And with Him, no matter how hopeless life seems, there is a hope greater that far outweighs the troubles. Eternal hope.


I feel somehow connected

To the changing Autumn leaves

My heart feels like it’s dying

With such weariness it grieves.

Nothing stays the same forever

Soon the trees will all be bare;

My heart just might be frozen

By the bitter winter air.

Where’s the hope, I have to wonder

In the midst of so much death?

Yet unseen changes are occurring

Til spring blows life-giving breath.

From my limited perspective

It’s not possible to see

The work of hidden little miracles

In what appears as a dead tree.

Though it’s difficult to comprehend

True beauty only comes through pain

When one thing dies, God brings new life,

And with it His promise that hope remains.

Kristin Tucker September 28, 2013

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