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Whisper- Right or Wrong

The thought of a child being bullied breaks my heart into little pieces.  I have two children that are in high school now, and I worry constantly about how they will be treated by other kids and how that will affect them.  The news carries stories of children who were bullied who then retaliate, often in the form of a shooting spree.  In the news interviews of people who knew the shooter, they are often asked if they noticed any behaviors that might have indicated that there was a problem.  And very often the answer is yes; they knew that there was some form of bullying or ridicule and that the child’s behavior seemed drastically different.  It is my sincere hope that we will all be more aware of the young people in our lives- watching closely for any indications that there might be something troubling them.  I often wonder if someone would have spoken up about the changes that they saw in those individuals if the outcome would have been different.


It all started with a whisperIn the classroom one sad day

When the kids all gathered roundTo hear just what the girl would say.

Some of the kids began to snicker

A few just stared with big wide eyes

But to the little boy she spoke about

This all came as no surprise.

She said, “He’s a weirdo and a loser

And he just does not belong!

He should have to leave our classroom!

Well, am I right or am I wrong?”

Most kids nodded their approval

And they soon worked out a plan

They made a vow to rid themselves

Of the little boy named Stan.

But the boy knew what was coming

He had lived this scene before-

So he took off quickly running

And then he hid behind the door.

They all followed to his hiding place

Where they beat him one by one;

But when the beating finished,

They were shocked to see his gun.

The angry mob grew deathly quiet

As he held the gun up high;

And now with bodies laying strewn about

Little Stan began to cry. Kristin Tucker December 12, 2012

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