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Kristin Tucker is a 45-year old Rockford, Illinois native who became enamored with reading at a young age.  She began writing poetry at the age of 12 and has continued to write poems ever since.  In her mid-twenties she realized that in addition to her passion for poetry, she had a strong desire to create a novel. 


Prior to having her own children, Kristin attended Southwest Baptist University with the intent of getting a degree in Youth Ministry.  During a Summer break, Kristin did an internship with a local church and was amazed by the faith displayed in the young teens.  Although she never made a career of Youth Ministry, that experience fueled her desire to see children of all ages surrounded with people and experiences that would strengthen their faith. 


Kristin realized the important role that books played in her life as a Pre-teen and Teenager and how they played a large part in shaping the person she is. This realization was the inspiration for The Secret in the Cliffs, as well as many other books to come.


Kristin is married to her loving husband, Greg.  They each have their own businesses but feel blessed to be able to work together on a daily basis.  Between the two of them, they have three children: Megan, Joshua and Jacob.


You can find Kristin on Facebook and Twitter.

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