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Poem #4 from the title ideas from Robin.  Love this one!


The wind blew through the trees

And birds soared through the air

While the sun bestowed its light

On every living creature there.

Taking in the scene before him

From the place where he now stood

He smiled and nodded his approval

Then he said that it was good.

And yet with all the garden’s beauty

The joy he felt was bittersweet

So he pondered in his heart

Just what would make his world complete.

From the dust he formed an image

Of the one he would call man

“Now breathe,” he said with tender love

And, thus, the human race began.

As time passed he sensed man’s yearning

He thought, “Man should not be alone,

I’ll create a woman to share his life

And she shall be made from his bone.”

Now everything seemed to be perfect

But the enemy slithered his way in

So sad was the day of the greatest deceit

When death became the price for their sin.

We still fall but God’s love is boundless

His mercy there for all who believe

The penalty paid put his Son in the grave

Death was conquered when God said, “Now Breathe.”

Kristin Tucker Tuesday, August 25, 2015

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