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These troubles plague me constantly

From the Dark One I cannot break free;

Because I shine he holds a grudge

And drags me bound before the Judge;

The Mighty One sits solemn, still

With words the quiet places fill:

“This one’s not worthy; see her face

Her faith has fled without a trace;

Just grant that I do as I please

You’ll see her crumble, hit her knees.

She will not have the strength to stand

When she goes through the trials that I’ve planned.”

The Great One says, “I disagree….

This one submits herself to Me;

To prove you’re wrong you’ll have your way

But heed these words I speak this day-

She may bend but she won’t break

And though she suffers for My sake

You’ll torment her for sport and fun

But still she’ll stand; she will not run!

So hear Me now, you rotten Liar….

Though you may lead her through the fire

This one to you will never yield

For My strength is her constant shield!”

Kristin Tucker

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

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