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Friday, August 7, 2015

This a throwback from 2005.  This poem is silly and complete and utter nonsense… and I LOVE IT!  This was one of the first experimental poems that I tried.  The title was randomly given to me, and I was supposed to come up with a poem.  Some of the poems I have written recently are based off of titles similar in nature to this one.  The idea was to overcome my writer’s block.  Boy, oh boy, did it work!  Thank you Robin, that 10 years ago (WOW!!) you started this tradition.  The legacy lives on!  :o)


In the land of the wild and free

The animals live in harmony

Going about their day peacefully

Safe from the horrible Gerlumperly.

Then one day the birds fly away

The animals all stop their play

This fear they feel deep inside

Causes the bravest to run and hide.

This monster that swings from the trees

Destroys everything that he sees.

Now the land is as bare as a bone

And Gerlumperly’s left all alone.

So he sits on a branch and he cries

For no matter how hard that he tries

He’ll be lonely until the end

Because he scares away all of his friends.

Kristin Tucker June 15, 2005

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