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Young Charlie Chapman went strolling one day

In the hopes that he’d walk all his troubles away

When what to his wondering eyes did appear?

No, silly, it wasn’t those eight tiny reindeer…

Charlie Chapman could hear a meow, then a screech,

And up on a branch that was just out of reach

Sat a kitten who looked with imploring eyes-

But then poor Charlie got another surprise…

For further on up in the tree he saw

That Cat Number Two hung by only one claw.

Then horror of horrors a much fainter cry

Which made Charlie look up ever so high

Cat Number Three was at the very tip-top

And just at that moment she started to drop.

Then Cat Number Three hit Cat Number Two-

Poor Charlie had no idea of what he should do!!

Now cats Three, Two and One were flying on air,

Charlie’s mouth was wide open eyes fixed in a stare!

Cat Number Three was the first in his palm

Then he caught Number Two, trying to remain calm;

Number Three went airborne when he caught Number One

Oh my, he thought, Cat Juggling is fun!!

With all three in the air Charlie’s heart sunk

But he saw they were fine.  

They were stuck to the trunk!

Kristin Tucker September 14, 2006

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