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Once Upon a Fairytale Gone Wrong

Monday, July 27, 2015

Robin, I have to say thank you.  Once again you made writing fun.  This is poem # 1 out of 5 that you gave me the ideas for.  :o)


Prince Notaman rode to the castle

On a white steed one hot summer’s day

Singing songs about love everlasting

And carrying a red rose bouquet.

When he spotted the fair maiden waiting

He dramatically flung out his hand

“Come with me, my love,” he bellowed,

“I have a beautiful future planned.”

But alas, the poor fellow heard nothing

Til he met with a shocking surprise…

A ruckus arose, and as he peered down

He was greeted by eight beady eyes.

“Nice squirrels,” the poor fool whimpered,

As he attempted to flee from his spot,

But the furry beasts soon overtook him

And tied up his arms in a knot.

Furry tails gave him a lashing

Then an oar knocked him into a boat,

They squeaked, “Not a word, you lying buffoon,

Or we’ll throw your big butt in the moat!”

Prince Notaman looked desperately ‘round him

Faced the truth that his future seemed grim,

He shrugged and quietly said to himself,

“It’s quite a nice day for a swim.”

Kristin Tucker July 27, 2015

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