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As I gazed at the horizon last night, at the amazing beauty of it all, I felt a peace within my soul…. a truth that resonated with every fiber of my being.  How can we look at the wonder that’s right in front of us and miss out on what is so plain for everyone to see?….


I stare in awe at this beauty

That with a single word you made

As I behold the splendid sky

You hand paint in different shades. Every cloud and every color

Is a brand new work of art

You’ve created for our pleasure

In hopes that we will see your heart. I feel such a sense of longing

You know well that if I could

I would paint a beautiful picture

To show the world your love is good. But, alas, I am no artist

All my attempts would be absurd;

So instead I will express

How great you are with pen and word. In truth it matters little

For when it comes to you

There’s not a painting or a poem

That shows your love the way you do.

Kristin Tucker October 27, 2014

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