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The Gift


Gifts are given all the time. Even at this moment, someone somewhere in the world is giving someone a gift. They come in all shapes and sizes. Some are appreciated, some are just politely tolerated, and some are accepted with the greatest of joy.

But all gifts, save one, will someday be meaningless. Even the most expensive, prized possessions are guaranteed to have the same fate. Either they will be set aside and forgotten in light of something better that comes along, or they will deteriorate over time. Things that are man-made all have an expiration date. They all wear down or break down. Although it is true that some can be fixed and re-used, eventually they wear out for good. At some point they will become disposable.

There is one gift that has the potential to last a lifetime-and beyond. That gift is love. It is the one thing that in and of itself, is true and lasting. It is the only thing that can be given over and over again that does not cost a dime. It is given so freely and so easily because it’s source is unlimited. Unfortunately love is often looked at quite the same as any other gift. It is treated as if it too is disposable. Like any item that appears to be broken, at the first sign of trouble, or if it doesn’t seem to be the “perfect fit”, it is discarded; tossed away like yesterday’s trash.

How I long for the day when people will learn to see past all that is superficial. When circumstances and trials will not stand in the way of hearts being opened to something so amazing and beautiful. And I long for the day when eyes will be opened and see what a better world this could be if instead of living in the hurt of the past, and allowing it to control our every move and decision, we would allow love to overtake us in spite of ourselves and live in it, and pass on the most precious gift that ever was or ever will be.


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